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RV Rubber Roof Repair System 40 ft x 8 ft 6 inch EPDM-White
Dicor RV Rubber Roof Repair 40ft
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RV Rubber Roof Repair System 40 ft x 8 ft 6 inch EPDM-White

Part Number: 381488
Manufacturer Number: 85B40-40
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RV Rubber Roofing System

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Camper Rubber Roof-EPDM-By Dicor
40' x 8' 6", White
Dicor RV Rubber Roof System 40 ft x 8 ft6 inch EPDM Brite-Ply® ensures a watertight camper roof that saves energy through its heat reflecting characteristics and is easy to maintain. It is highly puncture and tear resistant. Offers superior tensile strength and withstands damaging UV rays. The Brite-Ply® Membrane resists uneven weathering, fading or chalkiness. A great choice in roof repair - it passes 20 year accelerated aging test with no discoloration! Requires Dicor adhesive, butyl tape and lap sealant or installation kit (38-1489).  Manufacturer 12 year warranty.  Ten sizes to choose from (See Chart Below).
Dicor EPDM Camper Rubber Roof System Brite-Ply Available Sizes (White):


21’ x 8’ 6”


25’ x 8’ 6”


30’ x 8’ 6”


35’ x 8’ 6”


40’ x 8’ 6”


21’ x 9’ 6”


25’ x 9’ 6”


30’ x 9’ 6”


35’ x 9’ 6”


40’ x 9’ 6”


Installation Guide  Dicor Brite-Ply RV Rubber Roof System (40ft x 8 ft 6 in. White)
1. Locate the ends (front and rear) where the Dicor BRITE-PLY roof (40ft x 8 ft 6 in White)  will be terminated. Use a chalk-line to mark these areas. Make sure there is sufficient roof structure to fasten to.
2. Cover the RV roof with the Dicor BRITE-PLY membrane (40ft x 8ft 6in White) making sure there is sufficient length at both the front and rear termination points. Fold membrane in-half, exposing the roof areas.
3. Open the waterbased adhesive (901-BA) and stir thoroughly. Using a 9” wide short nap paint roller, apply adhesive to the substrate at a rate of 160 sq. ft. per gallon. The membrane is to be mated with the adhesive as quickly as possible.

4. Fold the Dicor RV Rubber Roof membrane (40ft x 8 ft 6 in. White) the opposite direction and repeat step #3.
5. With the membrane in place, adjust to make sure there is sufficient length at both termination points and on both sides of the vehicle. Remove wrinkles by lifting and pulling the membrane. Do not stretch the Dicor Brite-Ply camper rubber roof membrane.
6. Lightly squeegee or broom to eliminate air pockets, making sure the membrane is completely in contact with the adhesive.
7. Apply butyl tape (BT-1834) to the side of the roof edge molding. While holding the molding, draw surplus material tight with a downward pull. (You may staple the membrane in-place spacing 1/2” staples 3-5” apart to keep proper tension.) For best results, install this molding from the center of the vehicle toward the ends. When complete, use a utility knife to cut surplus material from below the molding. Repeat on opposite side.

8. Apply butyl tape (BT-1834) to the termination molding. On the front, the front cap should lay on top of the Dicor Brite-Ply (40ft x 8ft 6 in White) camper rubber roof membrane. Using a screw-type fastener, install the termination moldings - making sure there is sufficient roof structure. On the rear of the vehicle, the membrane should lay on top of the rear cap.

9. Using a utility knife “X” cut all roof openings. Make sure all openings are cut the same size as previous openings. Round all 90 degree cuts to eliminate “running cuts”. Surplus material should be stapled inside vent openings. Do not stretch the rubber membrane. Trim all excess material.
10. Apply butyl tape (BT-1834) to all appliances, vents, etc. Re-install using screw-type fasteners. When installing the vents, appliances, etc. you may notice that the Dicor BRITE-PLY RV Rubber Roof membrane near the screws begins to “creep” and small air pockets form. Simply “walk” the bubble toward the opening and hold-in-place while installing screw-type fasteners.

Caulk all screw heads, front and rear termination bar and all accessories.

11. Install Dicor lap sealant (501-LS) using a 1/4” to 3/8” bead, as follows:
A. Bridging the membrane on all appliances.
B. Both ends of the front and rear termination molding.
C. Top edge of side roof edge molding.
D. All screw heads located on the roof.

12. Clean all surplus caulk and debris from the roof.

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